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"Signed, Sealed, Delivered"

Based on Ephesians 1: 13-14, we're Signed by the waters of baptism; Sealed by the Holy Spirit; and Delivered from death into life.

Matt Maher once stated that "Baptism sets you up for a life of fulfillment, a life of purpose, a life of meaning." The problem is that sometimes we make a mess of it. We are covered in sin. Our natural expectation is that God has condemnation or shame on you. But, He does not. There's going to be troubles in our lives, times when things don't go right, but what marks us most as disciples is the joy of knowing that we are signed, sealed, and delivered, of knowing from whom we come and to whom we go.

Why would anyone want to join a sad church? Isn't that one of the best ways of being an evangelizer -- to live the good life of faith, and to spread the good news wherever we go, that Jesus is Lord? In a world where there's so much confusion and fear; God calls all His children to bring light into the world. Just as cattle ranchers brand their cattle, loggers carve a symbol on a tree, and dignitaries seal their important papers with wax -all these things are marks of ownership. The Holy Spirit is God's proof of ownership for Christians. We are signed, sealed, and delivered.

"Who's the church?" "We are!"

"Where's the church?" "Right here!"

"What is the church?" "Welcoming to all!"

"That's how the world knows that we're ...."

"Signed! Sealed! Delivered!"